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Water Heater Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

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No one likes waking up to a cold shower. Of course, it can be just as unpleasant to wake up with hot water that tastes or smells funny, or even irritates your skin and hair. The truth is that even the best water heaters rarely run for more than eight years without requiring some kind of repair or maintenance work.

.Fortunately, Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling is here to keep your water heater in tip-top shape for as long as possible. We provide water heater repair in Grand Rapids and are known for going above and beyond to deliver customer satisfaction. We’re also available for same-day and weekend repairs on request, so you never have to worry about water heater emergencies.

For water heater repair you can count on Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling. You can call us at (616) 202-5002 or contact us online.

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

The average water heater only has a lifespan of about 10 years, so the closer your heater gets to this age, the greater the chance there is that it will experience some type of issue. This will depend on the usage, model, and if you would do maintenance work when needed.

When to Call for Water Heater Repairs

At Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling, our trucks are fully stocked with all the tools and technology needed to get your water heater up and running again ASAP. We offer comprehensive repair services, designed not only to fix your water heater’s current issues, but help it function at peak efficiency for years to come. And while our technicians will do everything in their power to keep your system in operation, we offer a variety of cutting-edge water heater models in case you need a replacement.

Remember, making sure your water heater is running correctly is about more than your personal comfort. Water heater leaks can cause major property damage, and lead to unsafe situations for you and everyone else in your home. When it comes to water heaters, remember that it’s better to err on the side of caution—and call our Grand Rapids water heater repair team as soon as you suspect a problem.

Signs that your water heater may need a repair include:

  • Your water heater is leaking
  • Your water heater is emitting a banging or popping sound
  • Your water heater’s pilot light has gone out
  • Your hot water smells or tastes bad
  • Your hot water is irritating your skin or hair
  • Your water has a hard time heating up
  • You’re no longer getting any hot water at all

Quality Repairs for All Grand Rapids Water Heaters

In addition to fixing conventional water heaters, our Grand Rapids water heater repair technicians can provide service for tankless water heaters as well. Call today to ask about financing options and special discounts, and don’t forget that we offer free estimates, too.

Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling is your premier choice in the area for water heater repairs and replacements, and with over 20 years of experience backing us up, there’s no reason not to call our NATE Certified team for all your hot water heeds!

Contact us now at (616) 202-5002, or send us a message online.

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