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If you’re looking for a trusted HVAC company that offers same-day or next-day air conditioner repair in Grand Rapids, contact Grand Rapids Heating and Cooling. We service all makes and models of AC units, and offer ac maintenance agreements that come with annual tune-ups and special discounts.

Our technicians are backed by over 20 years of experience, so you can trust them to diagnose air conditioning problems quickly and provide the comprehensive repairs you need. And if your AC unit is beyond repair, we also offer great prices on new AC installations! Give us a call today, and find out why we’ve been the top choice for Grand Rapids AC repair and maintenance since 1996.

To schedule your next Grand Rapids AC Repair or maintenance service, dial (616) 202-5002.

When to Call for Professional AC Repair

At Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling, we offer repair solutions that can bring virtually any AC unit back to life. Our services are designed to keep your system running longer and working better, so you actually spend less on repair and replacement costs over time. We also offer maintenance work to identify potential problems before they occur and help make your system more energy-efficient—thereby lowering your overall cooling costs! And to top it off, our trained and licensed technicians are equipped with all the industry-leading products and tools on the market, meaning we have everything you need to improve your AC system. Make sure you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation when the summer heat sets in, and contact Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling to keep your air conditioner performing perfectly year-round.

Call our AC repair experts if:

  • Your AC is blowing warm air - There are a few different reasons this could be happening. First, check your air filter because if it's too dirty then it's not allowing for the airflow your AC needs to properly cool.
  • Your AC is leaking - First make sure that it's actually a leak and not melting ice as that could also happen if your air filter is dirty. If it's a leak in your condensate line or drain pan those can be fixed or replaced.
  • Your AC keeps cycling on and off - If your AC is turning on and off repeatedly then either your AC is too big or your compressor is having issues and needs to be examined by our Grand Rapids AC repair specialists.
  • Your cooling bills keep going up while your AC’s efficiency keeps going down - If you're noticing that your AC is using more electricity to get you the same level of indoor air temperature then it should be at least inspected by a trained professional.
  • Your AC refuses to run at all - First check that you're not having an electrical issue by testing another electrical appliance in the same outlet, if that's not the problem then get in touch with our AC repair professionals.

Don't be fooled if someone tells you they can't recharge your Freon because it's not made anymore. R-22, the substance more commonly known as Freon, is still available for sale and use—it’s simply not being manufactured in the U.S. anymore.

There are also many approved substitution refrigerants available, and thanks to an additive that can plug small refrigerant leaks, it is now easier to identify refrigerant problems than ever. If you’re dealing with an AC leak that is too large to "plug", this additive has ultraviolet dye in it, so we can identify where any major leak is. Call Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling if your AC unit needs Freon or another type of coolant, or is suffering from a refrigerant leak, and get the service you need ASAP.

5 Ways AC Maintenance Saves You Money

1. Fewer repairs that are less severe - Our Grand Rapids AC maintenance experts know how to spot potential problems before they breakdown and get worse over time. Not only will these mean that your unit has fewer breakdowns, but they'll be much cheaper repairs as well.

2. Longer life-expectancy of your AC unit - Your AC unit's lifespan depends on your environment, usage, and maintenance levels. If you want to get the most out of your AC unit then AC maintenance is for you.

3. More energy efficiency - Regular AC tune ups can see to it that your unit is operating at 100% When it's at less than 100% it might still cool, but it'll require more electricity to do so.

4. Can be a stipulation in your warranty - Since all warranties are different, we urge you to read yours carefully. Often AC maintenance can be the difference between having the manufacturer replace a part, or paying the price in full.

5. Allows you to budget for your HVAC spending ahead of time - Emergency AC repair visits can add up, but regular visits from our Grand Rapids AC tune up experts can help you budget for your HVAC spending ahead of time while spending less money too.

Hire a Same-Day Air Conditioner Repair Company in Grand Rapids

If your AC unit has stopped working or is acting up, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new one. Contact Grand Rapids Heating & Cooling for technicians who will go above and beyond to save your system. Our NATE Certified team is highly qualified to identify AC problems, and will do everything they can to maintain or repair your air conditioner before recommending replacement.

As a local, full-service AC company, we are proud to offer same-day diagnosis, and in most cases, same-day repairs. Our technicians always arrive in fully-stocked trucks, equipped with common, universal AC parts (usually sourced from locally-owned suppliers, because we care about our community.) And with quality financing options and special discounts, we make it easy to afford AC service, regardless of your budget. Call our Grand Rapids AC repair techs today, and find out why customers love our family-friendly HVAC company for yourself.

To schedule AC repair or maintenance by phone, contact us at (616) 202-5002, or click here to send us your information online.

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