Hay fever and allergy tips

Flowers are blossoming.  Lilac bushes are producing their awesome purple colors and amazing fragrances.  I have a couple darker purple lilacs in the side yard that produce fragrance every year that can be noted just by pulling into the driveway 50 feet away.  However wonderful spring may seem to some, it can be a nightmare to anyone that suffers from allergies and asthma.  How can you cope while still enjoying natures beauty?

1.  As tempting as it may be to open the windows, try to resist this urge.  Without the AC or heat running, your furnace filter is doing nothing to capture the allergens.  You may make the situation even worse by doing so.  No heat or cooling call to the furnace usually means "no air filtration".

2.  Use a standard pleated filter and keep the setting on your thermostat for fan to "on" instead of "auto".  This allows the blower on the furnace to run continuously irregardless of running the AC or Heat.  This will ensure that the air in the home is constantly filtered.  The fan in most cases uses about 100 watts of electricity in this mode.

3.  Stay clear of the expensive "ultra allergen" filters.  These clog very quickly and will choke down the airflow of your heating and cooling equipment.  A standard 1" pleated filter is the best option to avoid damaging equipment while balancing allergen reduction.

4.  If you are looking for serious allergen reduction, a HEPA hospital/clean room grade filter is not expensive and will reduce airborne pathogens and pollen by 99.5%.

Enjoy the spring!!!!  It's the rebirth of everything that has remained dormant for 6+ months.